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Our Favorite Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Our Favorite Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we've rounded up some of our best Mexican-inspired recipes

The Daily Meal loves to eat good food, wash it down with even better drinks, and all in the company of good friends and family. And what occasion is better to do so than Cinco de Mayo? More of an American holiday than a traditionally Mexican one, Cinco de Mayo is a day of partying and eating great food.

Below you'll find some of our best recipes to make for your celebration this year.


A great way to quickly feed guests that's also delicious.

The edit team creates easy dips that can be served alongside homemade guacamoles.

A classic Texas-style dip, this recipe will be a party hit.

For a lighter version of queso, try this dip plus some of the skinny dipper suggestions from the author.

Main Courses

Plenty of options for you to choose from when deciding on something bigger to make for dinner.

If you're in a pinch, packaging some tasty ingredients inside a taco is a perfect solution.


This caramel and citrus dessert is a delicious way to end the meal.


A bright and flavorful alternative to the classic margarita recipe.

If you are going to make a classic margarita, then this is definitely the one to make.

Ole! And please feel free to share any of your favorite recipes with us!

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